AbbVie SELL Recommendation update 2013.06.12.

Little more than month has passed since I last time looked into AbbVie (ABBV). So what has happened to ABBV during last month and what to do next with it?

Last ABBV recommendation was issued May 10 and at that date ABBV was trading at $44.24. Today ABBV is trading at $43.78 which results in irrelevant decrease in price.  The price during last month has been fluctuating quite much in the range from $42.76 to $47.94 till it reached level of $43.78 today.

The outcome of DCF valuation model is at $29.02  while outcome of the Graham valuation model has is at $36.08. Both of the outcomes are below present price thus the only logical decision is issuance of SELL recommendation.

Also there hasn’t been any very important press releases which would inform us of significant changes in ABBV so the overall situation has not changed.

Overall recommendation for ABBV remains SELL and for that to change ABBV should significantly decrease in price and improve its performance.

Previous recommendation: ABBV SELL Recommendation 2013.05.10.

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